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Firecracker - David Iserson 4 chocolate chocolate chip cookies.Cover Love:Meh. I don't really love it. She looks more like a barbie doll than a girl.Why I Wanted to Read This:I am always looking out for good contemporary YA books and the author's cred didn't hurt at all (he is a writer for a few TV shows I like).Romance?: Not really? I give it a question mark because although Astrid develops feelings for Noah, she allows him to be her friend--which for her is more important than romance.My Thoughts:Astrid doesn't need anyone. It's not that she can't make friends (although truly making friends would require a bit of a social overhaul) she just views friends as beneath her. She only wants people around her who can be useful to her. It's not that she doesn't have feelings, she just doesn't want them. Of course we readers can probably trace this back to what happened to her brother. And although that clearly wasn't her fault, she totally blames herself. I am sure she was pretty cut off from an sort of emotions from her parents after that happened. Her grandfather truly was the only person she could count on for years and that screwed her up as well. To have a shrink truly get into her head would be amazing!Read the rest of this review here.