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33 Minutes - Todd Hasak-Lowy,  Bethany Barton (Illustrator) 4 chocolate no-bakes.Cover Love:This is a cute, bright cover. And the airplane has something to do with the reason Morgan wants to kick Sam's butt.Why I Wanted to Read This:A middle grade book about friendships falling apart? Always good for me to read and review so I can book talk it to students! Romance?: No, but a little crush.My Thoughts:There are quite a few books out there about how best friendships grow apart when kids hit middle school, but most of those are from the point of view of girls. This one is how male friendships grow apart also. Sam is a brainiac and Morgan is a jock. The writing is on the wall for this friendship, however it was hurried along by the addition of Chris, a truly horrible boy who befriends Morgan and eggs his dislike of Sam along. (I think that's one of the reasons I like the movie & book Christine so well--a jock who has stuck by his brainiac friend all through high school)Read the rest of this review on my blog.