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Kiss Me Again - Rachel Vail 5 sweet and yummy double chocolate chip cookies.Cover Love:Yes. It's such a simple touch and kind of below the table so it might be hidden. Love it!Why I Wanted to Read This:I read and adored If We Kiss. I loved the innocence of it all and was excited to read the sequel. Romance?: Of course!My Thoughts:First of all, I am glad these books are set with Charlie and Kevin as freshmen. The things that happen between them seem very true to life and there is still an innocence about them. I am around freshmen a lot (my son is one) and yes there are 14 and 15 year olds out there with a lot of experience but there are a bunch of them out tehre still waiting or avoiding (as in my son's case) their first kiss. If Kevin and Charlie were juniors or seniors the talk probably wouldn't be about kissing but about sex. I am glad the author didn't make that move.Read the full text of my review here.