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Black Hole Sun - David Macinnis Gill 4 monster cookies.Cover Love: I actually like this cover. The original one was just black with the words Black Hole Sun in red font. This one has more story to it which I like.Why I Wanted to Read This:This came out in late summer 2010 when dystopian was big and just becoming huge. It was also right before Mockingjay came out and I think this one got lost in the shuffle. I bought it for my library and had been meaning to read it for sometime. When the egalley for the third book came out I wasn't going to donwload it because I couldn't imagine getting two other books read before it came out. All I can say is that I am glad I downloaded it because I am just about done with number 2 and I can't wait for number 3. Romance?: Durango has a thing for his second in command Vienne, but there really isn't any romance.My Thoughts:If there wasn't a whole genre of dystopian this one would have been marketed as sci-fi, which is what it totally is. There is nothing dystopian about their life on Mars (it was probably mean to be a utopia, but that has totally failed). This is just straight up sci-fi and I loved it.Read the rest of this review on my blog.