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Prairie Evers - Ellen Airgood 4 frosted sugar cookies.Cover Love:Yes. I think this is a darling cover!Why I Wanted to Read This:This book came out last spring and I heard a lot about it around the time it came out. But I was reading other things back then. I put it on my library order, though, and it came in this fall. Recently I just happened to pick it up and go sucked right into the story! Romance?: No, but a super sweet best friendship evolves!My Thoughts:This book moved very quickly. It was an easy read and you will totally adore Prairie. But what will really get you is the friendship between Ivy and Prairie, especially if you ever had one true best friend growing up. Remember how quickly you became best friends? And how much time you spent together? How there just weren't issues and dramas surrounding the friendship. It was just easy and wonderful! That's how Ivy and Prairie's friendship is!Read more on my blog.