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Bleeding Hearts - Alyxandra Harvey 3.5 soft snickerdoodles.Cover Love: This isn't the cover of the one I read, but if there is one thing I dislike about this series of books it is the covers! They just aren't wonderful. Why I Wanted to Read This:I just love the Drake Chronicles. This is the fourth book in the series and they just keep me so interested. (I even featured this series as one that sizzles--I look forward to each and every new book!)Romance?: Yes! It wouldn't be a Drake book without romance!My Thoughts:I must admit that this wasn't my favorite of the Drake books. I just don't love Lucy enough to always have her be a POV character. Also, I realize that the majority of this family is wrapped up in Solange's transformation to queen, but I do wish the books would focus on the brothers more. We had Nicholas around a lot and Connor as a POV character, but the story just seems to be headed back towards Solange. Not sure I am that excited about that direction!Read the rest of thie review on my blog.