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Smart Girls Get What They Want - Sarah Strohmeyer 4 yummy M&M cookies.Cover Love: I do think it's pretty cute and I know it's eye catching because it has been in pretty good circulation since I bought it for my library.Why I Wanted to Read This:It just has such a cute title and synopsis.Romance?: Yes! Such a cute little romance or two.My Thoughts:All around this was a very cute book. When I first read the synopsis I had worried that the smart girls would end up being mean girls, but that was not to be. They just added more extra curricular activities to their lives and made themselves more accessible to other people. They were successful at some things, but not everthing, but they put themselves out there and tried. This is an excellent message for high school students, especially girls! I know many of them that close themselves off because of some sort of fear or another. read the rest of this review on my blog.