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Altered - Jennifer Rush 3.5 white chocolate macadamia nut cookies.Cover Love: Yes. I love this cover! It makes me want to pick up this book and read it!Why I Wanted to Read This:I started seeing ads and review for this and was very intrigues by the premise. Romance?: Unrequited but maybe a start.My Thoughts:I had a hard time connecting with Anna. I just didn't love how she pines for Sam. He's not the one I would pick, but I can see her attraction to him. I just get so tired of the quiet girl loving a boy who doesn't pay her much attention back. Sam doesn't treat her badly because he has a mission in mind. He can't be distracted. But, she is also so sheltered that I think her immaturity about her feelings towards Sam come from her lack of life experience.read the rest of this review on my blog