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The Runaway King - Jennifer A. Nielsen *A word about this review. If you have not read book one of this series The False Prince, stop reading now and go pick it up. The very nature of this book spoils a main plot point of that book. You have been warned!5 wonderful oatmeal butterscotch chip cookies!Cover Love: I like the simplicity and the colors and that it matches the first one.Why I Wanted to Read This:I simply loved The False Prince. It was so good! This is a trilogy and I wish I had discovered it after all three books were out so that I could just read them with no breaks, but alas, it is not to be. And there was no way I was putting off reading this one until the third one was out! Romance?: No, but there are two key relationships that will be developed in the next book. And I am not sure who I like more for our main character.My Thoughts:I really enjoyed this book because I feel we got more inside Jaron's head than before. There was no hiding who he really was, in this one we knew him so he just got to grow as a character. He is a very, very strong willed man/boy who only wants to become a strong leader. He has accepted his fate and really wants to do a good job to ensure the longevity and prosperity of his country.read the rest of the review on my blog.