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Eight Keys - Suzanne LaFleur 5 fresh from the oven, warm and melty cookies dipped in cold milk.Cover Love: It's intriguing, but I don't think it's particularly eye-catching.Why I Wanted to Read This: I loved LaFleur's book Love, Aubrey and liked the synopsis for this one.I Kept Reading Because: I couldn't put it down. AT ALL.Romance?: No.What I Liked (& Didn't):This book was so emotional! I think I needed a good cry, and I was a bit PMSed, but I spent a few chapters silently crying as I read. Once Elise got to start opening the doors to the rooms her dad left her I couldn't stop. I kept thinking about being her dad knowing that he was dying and that he wouldn't be able to help Elise grow up (I am tearing up now!). I mean, what would you do it that was you?!Read the rest of this review here on my blog.