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The Night She Disappeared - April Henry 4 double stuffed Oreos.Cover Love: Yes. It sets up the mystery perfectly.Why I Wanted to Read This: For some reason I am into mysteries right now so this one was perfect for my mood. I Kept Reading Because: It was a great mystery with interesting characters.Romance?: Yes, but it was not a focal point of the story.What I Liked (& Didn't):I liked the format of this book. Each chapter was from a different point of view. This author totally makes it work. There are some chapters from a character's point of view that we only meet in that chapter and never see again. But it is vital to the story. I also liked that the author added a piece of evidence or memorabilia in between each chapter. This helped move the story along and added some lightness to the tone of the book.The mystery of who took Kayla was good and I liked that we did sometimes get chapters from her and her captor's point of view.Read the rest here.