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Etiquette & Espionage - Gail Carriger 4 sweet & soft frosted sugar cookies.Cover Love: I do love this cover but the model looks a smidge old to be Sophronia. I love the purple and the dress though.Why I Wanted to Read This:I loved the world created by Gail Carriger in the Parasol Protector series. It is just pure genius: steampunk, vampires, werewolves, and London society. I love being there and wes delighted to hear she'd started a YA/MG series set in the same world. Romance?: No, but there was a rakish young man smiling at Sophronia at the end of the book that I hope comes back in the next book. There is also a crush on Sophronia by a sootie named Soap that might be explored in later books.My Thoughts:This was just a darling book. Sophronia is a great character for readers. She is smart, willing to try new things and push the envelope and fiercely loyal. And the finishing school she attends is so much fun! I want to think that most of the teachers actually knew what she was up to but were more impressed than outraged. read the rest of this review on my blog