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Flesh and Bone - Jonathan Maberry This is my review from my blog: janasbooklist.blogspot.com.4 peanut butter blossoms.Cover Love:Pretty creepy but it totally fits the tone of the book!Why I Wanted to Read This:Rot & Ruin is one of my most favorite recent books.  Dust & Decay (the 2nd in this series) is also amazing.  Seriously, if you have never read these books before what are you waiting for?! I couldn't wait for Flesh & Bone!Romance?: Yes, some, but this really isn't that kind of book. (However, I am always hoping that Mr. Mayberry will write a Tom Imura & Jessie Riley story for his older, female readers!)My Thoughts:Dust & Decay ended on a very, very sad note.  Flash & Bone picks up a few days after that.  This book takes place over the course of a day, maybe a day & a half.  There is an author's note in the front of the book about grief and how much of this book is about dealing with grief.  Take note!  This is a much darker version of the Rot & Ruin world.  I know, how can that be?!  The first two weren't exactly rainbows & kittens.  This is much darker.There is so much action, so much violence, every single page.  It was hard to wrap my head around that much violence.  And there are a few new wrinkles in the zombie world--like fast, coherent zombies.  WHAT THE FRAK?!  Fast zombies.  I just can't deal.  Our only defense against zombies is that they are slow!(sidebar:  have you seen the trailer for World War Z?  Again, fast zombies.  And ones that can climb stairs and turn doorknobs.  Ugh!)And the Reapers.  I totally get it.  I think the will to survive is very strong in most people.  However, I can see the despair of this world overtaking some and how what Saint John is preaching start to make A LOT of sense.Every single one of the main characters goes through massive challenges--Lila, Chong, Benny & Nix.  These kids just cannot catch a break!For me this book was a hard read.  I was still aching over what happened at the end of Dust & Decay.  I had my copy for about a month before I picked it up to read it.  And I will admit the absence of that character made the book a little less enjoyable for me.  But, I think it was so necessary for Benny's growth that I understand why it had to happen.  It just made me sad.I also didn't read this quite as fast as the first two.  I had to read a few lighter things along the way because it was so dark.  I have heard there will be five books in this series and I think things might even get worse before they get better.  A lot worse!  But I am going to be along for the ride every step of the way.To Sum Up:  Dark but still a great book in this series.  This one moved the whole plot and Rot & Ruin world along a lot further than the other two.  I will still follow Benny wherever he goes!(PS. I LOVE the zombie cards inside the front and back covers.  I also loved the shout out to Sheriff Rick!!)