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Invisible Sun - David Macinnis Gill Cover Love: Yes. I do like these covers because they have a story feel to them.Why I Wanted to Read This: After waiting too long to read Black Hole Sun, I didn't want to make that mistake with the next book in the series. I started this one as soon as I could! Romance?: A bit. Durango and Vienne definitely have more of a relationship starting in this book.My Thoughts:This one was a way faster read for me. I had gotten comfortable in the world of Mars in the future and I whipped through this one. It also helped that the focus of this story was really on Durango and Vienne, both characters I love. There was way more of Vienne's backstory and more of Durango's as well. The author also explained a lot more things, like what exactly a dalit is. I had kind of figured it out, but it was nice to finally know exactly what Durango had done.Read the rest of this review on my blog.