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Shadow on the Sun - David Macinnis Gill 5 warm & gooey chocolate chip cookies.Cover Love:This cover tells a lot of the story. I don't really love how Vienne looks, but it fits the other covers in the series. Plus I love how Durango looks!Why I Wanted to Read This:I read and adored the other two books in this series and really wanted to know how it ended!Romance?: They are separated for most of the books but there is a lot of longing for each other between Vienne and Durango.My Thoughts:Shadow on the Sun was a very satisfying conclusion to the trilogy that started with Black Hole Sun and continued in Invisible Sun. You have to know my love for Durango (and Mimi) is immense! He is smart, very loyal, tough, kind, super good looking and tries whatever he can to solve problems. He is the whole package!Read the full text of this review on my blog.