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The Menagerie (Menagerie (HarperCollins)) - 'Tui T. Sutherland',  'Kari H. Sutherland' 4 chewy and fudgy double chocolate chip cookies.Cover Love:Yes! It looks magical and mysterious. Perfect for middle graders.Why I Wanted to Read This:The synopsis! It reminded me of Fablehaven, which I loved.Romance?: Nope, but some talk of crushes and a romance that went astray.My Thoughts:Here the mark of a good middle grade read. The set up is short and the action comes quick. We didn't have to read pages of why Logan was in Wyoming or mysteries about the Menagerie. He becomes part of the solution and involved in Zoe's world pretty early on in the book. I was caught up in the story quickly and the authors held my attention.Read more on my blog.